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Bullseye Burgers, Wings, Onion Rings, Brownie, and Bubble Tea

Food that Hits the Spot

Fresh toppings prepared daily and our special blends of seasonings come together to create the perfect balance of all five taste buds.

Feeling a little saucy? We have the standards like mayo, ketchup, and mustard but we also have some more exotic choices such as sriracha mayo and garlic aioli. Our BE sauce is a mayo-based, sweet, garlicky mix with a tangy kick. Sort of like a yum yum sauce but yummier.

We offer American, mild cheddar, and pepper jack cheeses with 0g trans fat per serving. Our applewood smoke flavored bacon comes from select fresh pork bellies and is naturally smoked and cured for a distinctive flavor.

Fresh Toppings
Bullseye Buns
Our BE & House Sauce

We get a lot of compliments on our buns. Our bread is good too. Some say they’re a cross between a potato bun and ciabatta bread—everyone says they’re amazing.

We cook our food in a refined vegetable oil made from selected soybean oil with stabilizers that contains zero grams trans fat per serving. Due to the refining of the soybean shortening, it is considered safe for those with known soy allergies.

Our beef patties are quarter pound (4 oz) of Certified Angus Beef, 50% chuck, 25% brisket, and 25% short rib. Approximately 75/25 lean/fat ratio. Beefy!

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Bullseye Signature Burgers Featuring Certified Angus Beef
Bullseye Chicken Wings and Sandwiches Featuring American Humane Certified Chicken
Sauces and Seasonings

Our chicken sandwiches are made with skinless 6 oz chicken breast filets. No added hormones or steroids. Hatched, raised, and harvested in the USA. The fried chicken breading is a low sodium blend with herbs and spices for a savory, subtle, and delicious flavor.

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We serve wings from chickens raised on an all-vegetable diet without antibiotics. They are American Humane Certified, the oldest and most trusted advocate of animal welfare in the country. No bones about it, we also serve boneless wings—large breast chunks lightly marinated and coated in a zesty breading with black pepper highlights. Both are great naked but if you prefer a kick we got you covered. We offer many flavors made in-house including buffalo, lemon pepper, and sriracha mayo. Try our popular house sauce, a mix of sweet, spicy, and POW!

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Triple Chocolate Brownies
Bubble Teas

Every hero deserves a great sidekick. Pair any of our main dishes with one of our sides. Our ⅜ inch straight cut fries are golden crispy outside—creamy and fluffy inside. We prepare our onion rings ourselves from fresh onions and fry them up tempura style. Add a refreshing fountain drink, ice tea, or bubble tea (only available for walk-in orders).

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We offer meals for the kiddos that includes burgers, chicken nuggets, or grilled cheese sandwiches along side fries and a kid’s drink.

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If you’re vegetarian we offer a house salad with mixed greens, tomato, red onions, and cucumbers with an assortment of dressings and add-ons. We also serve Beyond Burgers using a 4 oz patty packed with iron and protein and that’s gluten and soy-free. Other gluten-free options include our gluten-free bun and fries.

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Bullseye Fries, Coleslaw, Onion Rings, and Kid's Meal
Bullseye Salad, Beyond Burger, and Gluten-Free Buns and Fries

Although we offer gluten-free options, Bullseye Burgers & Chicken is not a gluten-free environment. Due to our menu, our manufacturers, and our use of shared cooking and prep areas, we cannot guarantee that our restaurant environment or any menu item will be completely free of gluten. Please notify us if you have a food allergy. If you are allergic to gluten we will take extra precautious to avoid cross-contact.


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